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Much a-do in NYC

For those of you who have employers who give a damn about Columbus Day, congratulations. I get to work on Monday while you sleep in and somewhere in your subconscious thank Mr. Columbus for doing what he did and giving you another day off in the year.

On that note, it’s Friday! And I’ve decided to start a weekly tribute on fun/exciting/different things to do in NYC each weekend. This is an amazing city filled with so much culture, food, and spontaneity… and there’s always a ton of events happening around town. It’s a happenin’ place ya know. You just need to see your options!

And here they are in no particular order…

1. NYC Wine & Food Festival
Celebrity chefs such as Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri, Tyler Florence, and many more put on a display of culinary demonstrations, discussion panels, book signings, etc… If you get lucky, maybe they’ll let you taste their More details at http://www.nycwineandfoodfestival.com/2010/

2. Park Avenue Armory‘s Indoor Carnival I haven’t been to an actual carnival in years! And this just sounds bloody brilliant. Carnival junk food, carnival games, rides, and theatrics! What more do you need? Oh yeah, and it’s in New York City. Pow. Take a date on a ferris wheel ride, watch some magic tricks, and top it off with some cotton candy or funnel cake. Admission is only $5 for adults, but rides are additional. I recommend to get an unlimited ride wrist band for $20! You can’t go wrong with that. I convinced my husband to go check this out this weekend! Woohoo! More details at http://www.armoryonpark.org/index.php/programs_events/detail/carnival/

3. The Wizard of Oz
For the kids this weekend, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan lets you and your kids experience the wonders of the classic 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz. First of all, 1939?! Wow! I still remember where I was when I first saw this movie. It was a “lock in” (you guys remember those right?!) at the YMCA with my entire 4th grade class. The entire gym floor was filled with sleeping bags and they put up a giant projector screen and played the Wizard of Oz! LOVED IT! Anyway, the museum has setup a tornado making machine, The Wicked Witch’s Castle, and even the man behind the curtain. Super cool! Check out more details at cmom.org

4. New York Comic Con/Anime Festival
Calling all geeks! Who needs Halloween when you can dress up in your favorite fictional comic and anime characters for an entire weekend? Riiiight. More details at newyorkcomiccon.com.

Alright New Yorkers… go get em! And have a great weekend!

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Snapple (Peach Mangosteen, which is AWESOME by the by) “Real Fact” #810:

Australia is the only continent without an active volcano.

With the whole Iceland volcanic ash fiasco, makes me wonder how many people have really been exposed to active Volcanoes in their lifetime…

Personally, I’ve seen one active and one dormant volcano. Active: Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica… simply breathtaking. Constant smoke and lava coming out of it at all times of the day. I even heard it rumble! Inactive: Diamond Head in Honolulu. We started inside the crater and hiked our way up to the top – what a hike! But the view was totally worth it.

Curious to hear from my readers about their volcano sightings…


Now they’ve crossed the line…

The line has been drawn... literally!

Someone [impatient] just had to do it… separating New Yorkers and tourists on a NYC sidewalk really does draw the line.

1. Helloooo, this is New York CITY we’re talking about! If we love the city and rant & rave about it to everyone who doesn’t live here, why would we try to separate locals from outsiders?

2. The Big Apple had 45.6 MILLION visitors in 2009 (courtesy of nycgo.com). That’s just crazy! And these visitors are key to boosting our economy. Imagine all 45 million people in their I heart NYC shirts… ahh what a sight that would be 🙂

I have to admit… I’m totally guilty of giving a big audible SIGH when I have to walk around tourists in the city, but this is really crossing the line (pun intended). I just know what areas to totally avoid on the weekends – i.e. Times Square, Empire State Bldg, etc… otherwise I’d better have my steel toe shoes on to a) kick people aside and b) prepare for the toe stomping from thousands of people in the confined spaces.

I wonder if the coward who borrowed his/her kid’s sidewalk chalk will speak up. I’d be curious to hear the reasoning behind it!