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It was a good day.

How often as parents do we sulk in the really really bad days? The days where nothing went right. The kids were royally unpleasant. Work was painful. You didn’t have time to make a healthy meal for anyone. Forget making a meal – you didn’t have time to eat! For me – when these days happen, I break down. I am extra hard on myself, trying to reflect back on what I should have or could have done better, that I could have been a little more patient, or shouldn’t have wasted time doing one thing but instead done another. It always comes back to me – what did I do wrong.

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11 years before I became a mother, I became a Masi. Masi (mah-cee) is Hindi for Aunt and has the literal meaning of “mother-like”. Becoming a Masi for the first time really changes your life. You’re obsessed with a little stinky adorable human and would do absolutely anything for them.

My heart was first stolen when my first nephew was born. I was a freshman in college a few hours away from home and my middle sister (I’m the youngest of 3 girls) was [very] pregnant. I was BEYOND excited to meet the little guy and wanted to hold him as long as I possibly could.

My sister, who I absolutely love and adore and look up to to this very day, called me her practice child when we were growing up. She’s 7 years older and was by my side a lot – as my teacher, my friend and sometimes even my mom! Continue reading “Masi”

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Ready for Chores?

My hubby and I have actively tried to teach the kids the concept of responsibility from an early age. Putting away dirty clothes at the end of the day, cleaning up their room and helping out around the house when asked. They’re actually pretty great at putting away their toys after they’re done playing and when asked to clean up the basement (which is completely a kid zone) after some friends have been over. They are total rockstars at getting it back into shape.

So it made me wonder… are they old enough for repeated chores yet? What’s the right age? And when do you have to give in to incentives? They totally get the concept of helping us out, doing their part, and of course cleaning up. And what’s not to love about those amazing creative chore calendars? There are so many amazing ones that I’ve seen on Pinterest! Continue reading “Ready for Chores?”

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In 2018, I will…


New year, new resolutions. New ways we will work on ourselves, our loved ones, our lifestyles.

This year I talked about the concept of resolutions with my 6 year old son for the first time. I told him that a resolution is something you work on to make yourself better. Eating more vegetables, or exercising more… you know, the usual.

I could see him processing this (which is something I truly love), and he says to me “this year I’m going to try to be better at going potty.” I was really amazed by this because this is an area we were still struggling with until only recently where he’s made a complete 180. Don’t want to side track, but ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE.

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Stroller Envy

Baby transport system

Why, you ask, am I writing a post titled “Stroller Envy”? I’ll just jump right into it.

That is because I’m 5 months pregnant!!! 🙂 It’s still hard to believe at times.. until I look down and see my wonderful baby bump of course! And then I’m quickly reminded that I’ve got a little munchkin growing inside of me. That and the little kicks I’m starting to feel!

The past 5 months have been a rollercoaster to say the least. From the high of finding out, to keeping it a secret, to getting some tests done, to starting to show and having to hide it, to telling our friends and family, to not fitting into my clothes, to buying new clothes! And now the most fun and probably difficult part of all… getting the nursey, house, and surroundings ready for the baby’s arrival! The hubs and I spent 3-4 hours at Babies R Us within a week of us announcing the news registerting for everything that we think we need. Key word – think. God knows what we’re missing or going overboard on!

During my walk yesterday, I found myself acting a little on the creepy side when I glanced a little too long at the strollers and baby carriers walking past me. What brand is it? Does the baby look comfortable? Do I want a 3 or 4 wheeler? Does it look too heavy? Wonder how it folds up. Wonder how much it costs.

Ah yes. Cost. I am in utter shock that there are $1500 strollers on the market. How long does a newborn to toddler need the stroller? How many stollers will the child go through? Do I need just one for the first year, and then get a new one when the baby starts to sit up? Then I get a super light one for when the kid can walk, but needs to rest at amusement parks, malls, etc.?? Do I get a travel system so I’m covered for both – but now I’m buying a monster of a stroller, and although I love that it matches… do I need something like this??

Then there’s the brands! Peg-Perego. McLaren. JEEP. Bugaboo. Graco. Chicco. I have no idea where to begin. So parents.. I ask you for your advice. HELP ME!