Asking for Help

Why is it so hard for us to ask for help? I speak from my own experience and others who have shared theirs with me but the theme is the same:

Does asking for help mean that we are surrendering our pride?

That we really can’t do it all?

My husband and I both work full time. I have the advantage of working from home so I can easily do drop off and pickups for the kids. But from 7am to 8pm daily I am either working or with the kids.

Zero time for cooking, cleaning, laundry. Zero time for me and the hubby.

So you could imagine what our weekends turned into. Loads of laundry, grocery shopping and cooking. Minor detail that the kids need our attention on the weekends right? Oh and their activities, birthday parties, get togethers with friends and family – you know, having a life. How in the world we manage all of that is beyond me! And I know so many other parents in the same boat!

My husband finally suggested that we hire an Indian Aunty (Aunty = term of respect, not a relative in this case) to come and spend 4-6 hours once a week to knock out laundry and light cooking. For some reason it took me a lot of convincing (for all of the reasons stated As above.. pride, inability to do it all, etc etc). As if the 4 loads of laundry every weekend staring at me from the couch wasn’t enough. 🙄

But I gave in. We desperately needed our life back. The kids needed us spending time with them on the weekends – not constantly running laundry or cooking and cleaning.

So what’s the verdict?

We are about a month in of having an Aunty come once a week for half a day and doing all the laundry (AND putting it away! Kids are getting used to finding their sibling’s clothes in their closets but whatever!), cooking 2-3 Indian dishes that the kids are happily enjoying, and a little light cleaning if time permits.

Our weekends are finally ours again. I honestly cannot remember a time when we were able to actually be with our kids without a care in the world about all the chores we have to do at home.

My peace of mind is at an all time high. We are happier, less stressed and enjoying our weekends!

If you’re stuck under a mountain of chores, I urge you to find ways to get your life back. Find ways to get some help. Yes it’s an added cost. But your time, your happiness, your family’s joy in spending more time together completely outweighs the cost!


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