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11 years before I became a mother, I became a Masi. Masi (mah-cee) is Hindi for Aunt and has the literal meaning of “mother-like”. Becoming a Masi for the first time really changes your life. You’re obsessed with a little stinky adorable human and would do absolutely anything for them.

My heart was first stolen when my first nephew was born. I was a freshman in college a few hours away from home and my middle sister (I’m the youngest of 3 girls) was [very] pregnant. I was BEYOND excited to meet the little guy and wanted to hold him as long as I possibly could.

My sister, who I absolutely love and adore and look up to to this very day, called me her practice child when we were growing up. She’s 7 years older and was by my side a lot – as my teacher, my friend and sometimes even my mom!

My nephew is definitely MY practice child. He’s the one I first changed diapers for. He’s the first baby I learned to feed and burp and bathe. He’s the one who would run around the house naked and make me chase him! Best. Memory. Ever.

He’s the one I missed the most when I had to leave home and go back to college. I came home as many weekends I possibly could just so I wouldn’t miss him growing up.

I have so many wonderful memories of him as a kid. When his younger brother was born 3 years later I fell in love all over again! These boys have been a huge part of my life and it wouldn’t be the same without them.

They were a crucial part of my husband meeting my family for the first time (They grilled him harder than anyone else!). They were a major part of my wedding. And when my kids were born they were there to meet them, hold them, and love them unconditionally. Even though we live so far away from each other, I always feel connected to them.

As time has gone by, he has turned into an amazing, brilliant, and well-mannered young man. And today, as we celebrate his 18th birthday, I’m reminded that my practice child is no longer a child. He’s now an adult.

Who will be starting college this year. 😳

Pardon me while I join my sister in our pool of tears.

Happy Birthday my dear… We love you!


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