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iPAD’s new competition

iPad with on display keyboard
Image via Wikipedia

Sure, Apple‘s totally ruling the market with the iPAD and competitors are itching to release something that will be a direct hit. It was all a matter of time of course, before something was in development and the announcements were released of the next big tablet.

Research In Motion (RIM) announced its new tablet on the opening day of it’s annual developers conference. The Blackberry Playbook with its 7 inch screen, rumored to have an 8 hour battery life, 2 video cameras, bluetooth and wi-fi, is definitely going to give the iPAD a run for its money. Or is it? Guess we’ll find out in 2011!

It was shown at the conference, but only behind a glass encased box. How awful is that?! Those tekkies were surely having a panic attack being unable to touch and play with the darn thing.

The market for a tablet is definitely growing. Being in the healthcare industry, I’ve heard doctors requesting for us to upload our proprietary software onto their iPADs, and I’m sure the same will come of the Playbook. Healthcare and EMR companies with web based software have an in with this stuff so doctors can access patient records from literally anywhere. It’s really a fun time to be in healthcare technology.


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