Freaky Fortune??

I always get freaked out when horoscopes are spot on. Like how do they know this stuff?? My horoscope has been pretty close to reality for the past several days and it just gives me the heeby jeebies!

Here is my horoscope from Friday …

Cancer Sep 24 2010
You are in a long process of transformation, Moonchild. This may feel, at times, like the universe is out to get you. Things have gone wrong, people have betrayed you for no reason, and challenge after challenge has appeared before you to block your path. But all of the seemingly daunting or damaging things you are experiencing now are for your own good. You are learning. You are growing. And the paths you are being forced down are the paths you are supposed to be on. What you are going through now will lead you exactly where you need to go.

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One Response

  1. Same here! And I’m also a moonchild.

    Enjoy each moment as it gently unfolds into the next without worrying about what lies ahead, or rushing to reach some desired future destination.

    Tomorrow (and its challenges) will arrive soon enough.

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