Where are they now?

I don’t know why it occurred to me yesterday, but it did. Where are all those childhood TV/Movie stars that I was addicted to watching back in the 80s and 90s ALL the freakin time??? And I don’t mean the ones that are still in the limelight (good or bad). I had to dig and find my favorites….

Well hello Topanga

Topanga (Boy Meets World): um wow. Ok didn’t mean to start it off this way, she was just at the top of my list originally, but not because of what I thought I would find. Well who am I kidding, she looked like she was a bad girl hiding behind those frumpy clothes the entire show, am I right?! Ms. Danielle Fishel‘s work most recently can be found on TV shows such as The Dish and The Fuse 20.

Kimmy Gibler (Full House): The annoying best friend of DJ Tanner, Andrea Barber, decided to live a nice normal life after the showbiz business. Married with two kids and a college education behind her, she seems happy. Good for you Kimmy!

Rudy all grown up

Rudy Huxtable (The Cosby Show): Our lovable little Rudy, or Keshia Knight Pulliam, is still somewhat in the spotlight, doing TV shows such as House of Payne, and films such as Madea Goes to Jail.

Randy Taylor (Home Improvement) – the heart throb of the show, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was definitely one of my favorite teen stars growing up.  He’s definitely done his fair share of movies and appearances on TV shows here and there since his run on Home Improvement, and has managed to stay out of trouble and away from any major headlines.

Chunk (Goonies) – This guy was my FAVORITE out of the classic Goonies clan. Maybe it was his simple hearted nature, or the fact that his name was Chunk 🙂 Regardless, Jeff Cohen definitely can’t go by the name “Chunk” anymore. Talk about toooooootally different!!

Jeff is pretty successful lawyer in Beverly Hills now. They had a 20 year Goonies reunion in 2005 which is crazy and cool at the same time.

What Not to Wear... yikes!

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