Yesterday, after the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in NYC, I stopped at Crumbs and had one of these:

And it was soooo good.

SO good, that I was at a loss of words.. until today. It really was pieces of heaven in every single bite. My sweet-tooth-who-is-in-denial-that-he-has-a-sweet-tooth husband ate more than I did. And that was after he actually said the words (and I quote):

I’ll just have a bite.

I am absolute fanatic of red velvet cakes, cupcakes, whatever type of cake, I’ll eat it. We passed by the shop on our way to the car, thank goodness for that, and I had to divulge.

I’m amazed at the cupcake craze right now. There are SO MANY freaking amazing cupcakes out there and the things people do with them (don’t worry I’m keeping it clean folks) is mind boggling!

I mean, imagine this sucker as your wedding cake!!

Shit. I’ll get married to my husband again just so I can have a cupcake wedding cake.

All this cupcake talk is making me crave something sweet. Hmm….