Kolaches, Beaver Nuggets, and the Expendables.. aka my trip to Texas.

Downtown Austin from across Town Lake.
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As promised, I’d like to share my adventures from last weekend to my hometown of Houston, and the short visit to Austin, Texas.

I had taken a more-than-half day off last Friday, so was really pumped up about the trip on Thursday itself. Stupid Hurricane Earl tried to get in my way, but it turned into a pansy and stayed off the coast for the most part, and drifted out to sea. That made my experience at the airport that much sweeter. I love when flights are actually on time. What a freakin concept.

I landed in Houston Friday evening, and was picked up by my sister and nieces. I got a reality check when the girls, who are 7 and 5, knew more words to the songs on the radio than I did. Definitely put me to shame. But I enjoyed it 🙂 The eldest one gave me all of her animal shaped bracelet bands that she was wearing at the time – insisting that she wanted me to have them. *tear*

I couldn't resist wearing them. Not gonna lie.. they're kinda fun.

One of my favorite foods from Houston are kolaches. These baked breakfast foods that are stuffed with whatever your heart desires. I had to give in to the temptation and got myself a cream cheese kolache… to DIE for.

Cream cheese ones are the bestest.

I hit the road on Saturday and was off to Austin… here are some of the things I captured on my 3 hour drive..

Damn straight you're in Texas.
Nothing like the open road to clear your head and listen to tunes. My drive was mostly like this.
Homemade tacos. At a gas station. Really?

When I reached Austin, I  met my group of friends who had already begun the bachelorette party festivities at a pole dancing class. Sadly, I missed the entire thing, but did get some pointers 😉

The bridal shower began shortly thereafter, and with every shower must come games.

Pin the Macho on the Man... good times 🙂

The rest of the incriminating pictures were taken on my camera, not my cell, but those dare not be shared! After dinner, we went out to downtown Austin, aka the infamous 6th Street, and had a ball.

The next day, I hit up one of my 2 favorite places to eat in Austin..

Great name - even better Thai food!

And then it was time to hit the road again back to Houston…

Seriously felt like I was driving through a ghost town straight out of the movies...
Tiny yellow cabin in the middle of nowhere... with the word "Espresso" on it. ???
"OMG! Beaver Nuggets" .... I'm speechless.

In Houston, I had some great family time with both immediate and extended members of the fam. My sister really was dying to see the Expendables, so I humored her and dragged my bff with me to keep me company. Seriously, what was Sylvester Stalone thinking with those eyebrows? Stop with the botox and treatments and get those eyebrows to calm down a bit… Needless to say – 2 thumbs DOWN.

After the movie, we went for some drinks at the closest place we could think of…

Indeed some Quality Lounging was done here.

The best part about this place was their amazing selection of martinis and cocktails. Very very clever names and mixes, and I was tempted to try one in particular, but chickened out:

"Barbie's Bathwater" - Ken added separately.

The trip was overall a huge success, and I flew back to NJ the following morning!

Till next time…


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