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Today is my Friday. Sort of.

The day is almost over. Thank God. The best part about today being Thursday is that I’m working only 2 hours tomorrow. So today is sort of my Friday for this nice long Labor Day weekend. We all know that I’m going to be in vacation mode as of 7am tomorrow morning, and there really is no point in me coming to work anyway. But I digress.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be flying out to Houston, Texas, my hometown, and then heading to a bachelorette party in the badass city of Austin. I haven’t been to Austin in years and I’m super duper pumped about it!

However, there’s a giant turd that may ruin my plans and I’m sure I’ll tweet my annoyances from the airport about it all afternoon. That turd is known as Hurricane Earl. Earl is heading straight for me and will surely do whatever he can to delay my flight tomorrow afternoon. Stupid Earl.

Courtesy of AccuWeather.com

In case my flight gets canceled and I don’t make it out to Texas, I decided to find out what’s going on around town this weekend after Earl passes through us and leaves floods and fallen trees in his trail. No no, let’s be positive now. Hopefully it’ll all blow over. No pun intended.

Since I’m cheap, I turned to one of my favorite sites to find fun events around NYC… FreeEvents.net. And here are my favorites out of the bunch:

Parked Food Truck Fest. That’s right. There’s a festival celebrating truck food. Gotta love the NYC! The ferry to Governor’s Island is free, but the food isn’t. But when you’ve got selection ranging from ice cream and dumplings to lobster rolls, you can’t go wrong!

Buns and Puns. Just the name sounds intriguing. What you probably couldn’t guess is that it’s a comedy show with free cinnamon buns and free Jello shots. Hello hangover!

The 90210 Party. You read it right!! It’s a freakin 90210 party! Although it’s short notice, the party is tonight, and I’m not gonna lie, it kinda looks rad. It’s at the Peach Pit After Dark (lol) and 90s attire is encouraged.

Brazilian Independence Weekend. Who doesn’t love a free party? Better yet, who doesn’t love a free Brazilian party? Apparently the DJ, Marcos Carnaval, is all that so you can’t go wrong. Hollerrrr.

So if I don’t make it out to Texas tomorrow, you may find me at one of these. Otherwise, I’ll report my adventures in Texas when I get back next week.

Happy Labor Day in advance! And be safe kids!


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