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Girly, Bi, or Manly?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ was telling the listeners that he went to a Mexican restaurant with 2 of his buddies, and they ordered 2 strawberry margaritas each. He had an issue with this. Not about the fact that they ordered margaritas, more so that the margaritas were pink, and therefore a girly drink vs. a manly drink. He started going through his opinion of what constitutes an alcoholic beverage to be girly, bi, or manly.

So I decided to make my own list:

Whiskey on the rocks: MANLY

Whiskey Sour: GIRLY

Mojito: Bi (debatable)

Cosmopolitan: Girly

Beer: Once considered Manly, now Bi

Dirty Martini: Once considered Girly, now Bi

Funny how drinks that were once considered manly or girly have now switched to the other team and are acceptable for both kinds. 🙂

Share your thoughts on other beverages that are considered Manly, Bi, or Girly! I’m sure I left out a ton!

Disclaimer: this blog in no way supports the consumption of alcoholic beverages to underage adults… unless of course you’re in college and then you’re screwed, because peer pressure will test you and your desire to be liked by others.


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