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Facebook vs. Twitter: The Ultimate Showdown

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I’m starting to think that my husband was right all along… but I would never tell him that to his face! 😉

I’ve been on Facebook for years (identity shall not be revealed) and my husband HATES it with a passion. He refuses to get on it, and hates, nay, he loathes that I’m on it. He hates the fact that our personal business is being shared with others to see and meddle in – with “friends” who I haven’t spoken to since middle school, but still accepted when they friended me, because I’m too nice to ignore them virtually even though we’ve ignored each other physically for years. Hmph. I hate when he has a point and the point makes some sense.

Despite all that, however, I refuse to close my Facebook account because that’s the only thing besides phone & email that allows me to keep up with my REAL friends and family from back home. I can see what’s going on in their lives without us having to call each other all the time. Ok that sounds bad, I know, but you know what I mean. You just don’t get time to call your old friends as much as you’d like to. As long as WHEN you speak, it’s all normal and you can pick up where you left off, then it’s all good. Ok I’m done with that rant.

So hubby joined Twitter a year or two ago, when it got the big boom I guess. Although he wasn’t uber active, he enjoyed following celebrities and Knicks fan pages and bloggers who talked about the Knicks 24/7. I decided to follow in his footsteps and get on Twitter as well to see what all the hype was about. I got a bunch of random followers and some other friends who were already on it. So it’s just status updates? Meh. This can get boring after a while. I kept my account active and went back to sharing my life with my Facebook friends.

When I started this blog a few months back, I had to figure out how to get people to read my stuff, especially since I wanted to remain anonymous with it so I could write about anything. So obviously I couldn’t utilize Facebook even if I said “hey guys, check out my friend’s blog!” because they’d figure out it was me. So I turned to Twitter. Easy enough to set up a new account, don’t need to share too much about myself as long as I keep writing, keep posting, and keep marketing. Eureka! I like it.

Only problem is, now I’m neglecting my Facebook account 😦 I do all my status updates on Twitter, and barely even go to my Facebook page. When I do visit, I get annoyed if there are no constant updates from people, whereas Twitter has new tweets every couple of seconds (thanks to all the awesome people I follow and their true dedication) and moves at a much faster pace than Facebook.

Funny thing is that the news channels used to say “follow us on Facebook” several months back, and now all I hear is “follow us on Twitter”. Whatever happened to their poor Facebook accounts? So sad..

Social marketing is also on the rise as many start ups as well as large corporations are starting to understand that both Facebook and Twitter can get them a much larger audience than ever before. That territory is still very new to me but I’m definitely curious about it. I’m also starting to see it on LinkedIn where you’re now able to “follow” people and companies.

But the fight between the two social media giants still continues…

All I know is that I love being on Twitter with my anon friends and fellow bloggers. I don’t need to hold back and can really just talk about whatever I want.

Besides, it’s part of my daily routine when I get to work.. open Gmail.. open WordPress… open Twitter… all set. Facebook is still there.. sometimes.. in the background.. and I’ll keep checking in on what’s going on in my friends’ lives and such. But personally speaking, Twitter wins! So hubby, 1 point for you. Happy? 😛


6 thoughts on “Facebook vs. Twitter: The Ultimate Showdown

  1. I was totally addicted to FB, but now I just look at from time to time, just like you , to check with my over seas family and friends.

    I only use twitter for my blog, I never really got any interaction with it… maybe I’m just using it the wrong way.

    Btw, something maybe interesting for you. Are you familiar with tweetdeck?
    I’m like you first gmail(outlook)then wordpress,then twitter and then FB. With tweetdeck you can incorporate twitter,facebook and if you have myspace(I don’t) into one interface. You can also link it to wordpress and buzz.

    Sounds like advertising, but it’s just I find a useful tool.

    I enjoyed reading your piece.


  2. Your blog is timely for me. In my stats on WordPress, I’ve had a lot of people visit via Twitter. I dont Twitter. I admitedly didnt want to…Now I’m thinking I should…?
    Thanks for the post & thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    1. I think Twitter is a really great tool if you’re trying to expand your audience for your blog especially if you find other bloggers who are on twitter and expand your network from there! Glad I’m able to help 😉

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