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When did we become that couple…?

My husband and I have been happily married for 2.5 years… hitting 3 years in October. We don’t have any kids yet, but are totally ready to be parents!

So we thought.

My nephews (ages 10 and 7) have come to stay with us for a week and a half for the first time ever. This is their first time out of the house this long without their parents. And it’s not like their parents, my sister and bro-in-law, are a few towns away, no they’re about a 4 hour flight away – back in Texas.

Thankfully (because I don’t know what I’d do without her), my mom is also here with them. She watches both of them all day, everyday, in the summertime, so she knows their quirks and needs throughout the day. My husband and I take over when we come home from work so she can do her thing, like take a walk, rest/relax, etc…

I absolutely love these boys. I do feel very close to them every time I go home or they come visit. They talk to me properly on the phone every time I call, and they tell me their stories all the time. The 10 year old was born when I was a freshman in college, so I definitely feel connected to him because I was so young, also because he was the first grandchild in our family. My sister and bro-in-law are great parents, that much I can definitely see. The boys listen to them really well.

But man do they tire me out! How is it that my husband and I are in bed before 10pm right now? This is only 3 weeks after we were out in the city until 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night for dinner and drinks with friends. Is this what’s gonna happen when we have kids? I mean I knowww that once the child is born, I can just forget about sleeping. Feedings every 2 hours, taking naps when the kiddo is sleeping, etc. Am I right?

But we jumped from no kids, to 2 very active boys who get bored at the drop of a hat. We don’t really have a ton of “kid stuff” around the house – couple of board games, deck of cards, the Wii… yeah that’s about it. So how do you keep them entertained??

Pretty sure this is NOT allowed... right?

Thankfully my husband is a 10 year old at heart 🙂 so he plays and talks to them and keeps them entertained. I witnessed them playing War and Goldfish aka Go Fish for an hour tonight.

He also has a lot more patience than me, no surprise there though. But I think they listen to him because he’s a guy. Only my sister has a good hold on the boys. “I’m going to call your mom” actually freaks them out. So I have to work a little harder for them to listen to me. Which tires me out. Which is why I got in bed at 9:55pm today. They’re in bed by 9:30, my mom’s in bed by 9:45, so my husband and I look at each other, walk to our room, and go to bed.

This is what we have become… for now. Although I can’t lie… getting 8 hours of sleep a night has really become wonderful. I didn’t realize how much I missed getting so much sleep! I don’t think I can go back to the late nights, on weeknights OR weekends. I’d rather get in bed at 10 🙂

P.S. this is definitely nothing against my boys! I love them to death, always will. Just didn’t realize how hard parenting is! I’m bloody pooped folks. And I know my husband is pooped… he hasn’t snored this heartily in a loooong time. LOL poor baby!

God help me when it’s really our turn… seriously!


12 thoughts on “When did we become that couple…?

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your nephews. Good thing your mom is there to help out too! : )

    We decided against having kids. Life was full enough without them.

    1. Yeah the thing for me is saying good bye to sleep ins. No more rising at 11am on a Saturday. It’s early wake up and feed the tribe every single day of the week.

  2. its a good thing your mom is there! i couldn’t imagine doing a week and a half. i’m tired of my 2 year old niece after 3 days of babysitting! not that she’s a brat-her attention span is really short but when you find something she does like she wants it over and over and over again no matter how monotonous it is!

  3. The good thing is they start as cute snuggley babies. The lack of sleep sucks but you get a chance to get attahed to them before they become annoying 😉

    We just spent 4 days with my brother and his kids (7, 5 and 3) and were very thankful our 5 month old isn’t exhausting us AND saying “again,” “no!!!” and “but I need a glass of water!”

  4. Honestly, being a mother is the hardest job I’ve EVER had! The reality of it is…. no more “me” time, period. Your life becomes completely centered around meeting the needs of your child. Don’t get me wrong, it is also the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I love it. But I’m tired 24/7!

  5. Here’s the advice I give my friends: “Don’t have kids until you want them so bad you would steal them, because there will be many times when you want to give them back!”

    When you have them it’s wonderful and thankfully, you get broekn in slowly in some ways. I wasn’t ready for toddlers when I had babies and I am still not ready for teenagers, but it happens gradually and you survive. Although, you may find yourself with lots of blog posts and no time to write them. 😉

    1. Thanks for the advice, it’s definitely good stuff to hold on to! My husband and I are definitely ready! Just a handful of our friends are starting to have kids and I could eat those little babies up 🙂 Won’t let go when it’s my turn to hold them, so I know I’ve got baby fever up the wazoo.
      I’m fairly new to blogging, and it’s the best outlet ever, so I’m gonna have to find some time to type up those kooky stories b/w naps/chores/diapers 🙂

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