Karma’s a Bitch

I’ve heard this phrase in many different forms… obviously the most common of which is the title of my blog… but there’s also “what goes around comes around”… “it’ll come back to get ya”… etcetera etcetera…

The reason behind this post today is that people never cease to amaze me. The forms of bad and evil that mankind is capable of really does shock me sometimes. There are people out there dumb enough to do dumb shit without realizing that they’ll get it back 10 fold. I know I’m being super vague here, but I can’t go into too much detail with the fear that people I don’t need reading this blog will somehow find it.

I found this on Wiki, although I wish I could take credit for it myself, but it’s a beautiful masterpiece of words that describe the concept of Karma in Hinduism much better than I ever could:

According to Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, one begets Karma in four ways:

  • through thoughts
  • through words
  • through one’s actions
  • through actions others do under one’s instructions

Everything that one has ever thought, spoken, done or caused is Karma; as is also that which we think, speak or do this very moment. After death we lose Kriya Shakti (ability to act) and do Karma. Actions performed consciously are weighted more heavily than those done unconsciously. But just as poison affects us if taken unknowingly, suffering caused unintentionally will also give appropriate karmic effect. We are in position to do something about our destiny by doing the right thing at the right time. Through positive actions, pure thoughts, prayer, mantra and meditation, we can resolve the influence of the karma in present life and turn the destiny for the better. A spiritual master knowing the sequence in which our Karma will bear fruit, can help us. As humans, we have the opportunity to speed up our spiritual progress with practice of good Karma. We produce negative karma because we lack knowledge and clarity.

The Western interpretation of Karma is this:

According to karma, performing positive actions results in a good condition in one’s experience, whereas a negative action results in a bad effect. The effects may be seen immediately or delayed. Delay can be until later in the present life or in the next. Thus, meritorious acts may mean rebirth into a higher station, such as a superior human or a godlike being, while evil acts result in rebirth as a human living in less desirable circumstances, or as a lower animal.

So whether or not you’re spiritual or religious, as you live your life day in and day out, you should remember that every action has a reaction. Didn’t we learn that in science class in junior high? Don’t talk bad about people, help the old lady cross the street, give your friend a helping hand, call your parents just to say hi… the list goes on and on.

Otherwise you never know what might happen…


3 thoughts on “Karma’s a Bitch

  1. I’ve met people who act as if they’ve been reborn as a “God-like being” . . . and assume the rest of us are here to do their bidding. : )

    Great reminder, Chutney

  2. i feel like people are very quick to say “karma’s a bitch” when something goes wrong and forget the basic principle of karma that doing good makes good more likely to come your way.

    nice post!

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