Why are people so drawn to the damn television? I don’t mean catching your favorite shows here and there, but just watching for the sake of watching. Having it on in the background, sleeping to it, waking up to it, and not turning it off and walking away!! Doesn’t the light and sound just get to you after a while??

Yes you should stay informed on the news and current events. Absolutely. No doubt about it there. But just zoning into the screen and not even really “watching” the show… that has GOT to be bad for your brain cells, and your eyes!

This morning, I watched my husband as he was staring at the TV and getting dressed (don’t worry kids, this is G rated). The amount of time he took to put on his pants, button his pants, put on his shirt, slowly button his shirt… it could have been cut in half if he wasn’t glued to the TV. I kid you not… I wanted to yell out “hurry up already!!” And he wasn’t watching anything super exciting – it was the news.

And on top of that, if you’re in front of your computer screen all day, how can you come home and sit in front of the TV for 2-4 hours? Just writing about the thought of it drives me insane!!! My idea of relaxation after coming home from work is curling up on the couch with a good book, or listening to some music. I don’t think about turning on the TV as soon as I get home, or as soon as I get up, or as soon as I get in bed.

I know, my husband is going to hate me for this entire post. I’m not upset about the whole thing (although I did get a little attitude-y last night about the TV constantly being on)… I just don’t understand the fascination of it all – again of the concept of constantly having the TV on – NOT about watching your favorite shows and what not, because that would be a double standard on my part as I am totally guilty of having my fav shows in the fall that are must-see-tv.

But at least now I get why they call it the boob tube.