My best friend sent me this e-card today (b/c it’s my birthday!!), and I couldn’t help but laugh at it and myself because of the truth behind it!

Ask yourself how many phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments you can remember off the top of your head. I don’t even have my sister’s home phone# memorized. Took me forever to memorize my OWN home phone number. We have become so dependent on the contact lists and calendars in our phones and email to remind us of these things. Although, I have to toot my own horn at times because my memory when it comes to dates is pretty stellar (i.e. I wrote down about 10-15 important dates for my mom-in-law for the next 2 months from memory… scary, but true).

My blackberry had to be replaced at work and I was without it for 2 days. This being my only cell phone made things very difficult for me. I was going through withdrawal. These stupid things are like a drug! I couldn’t check my email instantly, no one could reach me right away, and I had to go to my hand written address book to look up my own family’s phone numbers.  Those 2 days were some of the worst days of my entire life. *Sigh*

Let’s take it one step further… who remembers directions from point A to point B anymore?? Everyone has a GPS!! Who needs directions when you’ve got a British woman telling you where to go in her most sensual voice?

I can’t imagine what my kids are going to be like when it comes to stuff like this. Maybe they’ll come out with an implantable chip that will connect to all your electronic devices with all this pertinent info…. I just gave myself the chills with the thought of that!!