Technology Dependent?

My best friend sent me this e-card today (b/c it’s my birthday!!), and I couldn’t help but laugh at it and myself because of the truth behind it!

Ask yourself how many phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments you can remember off the top of your head. I don’t even have my sister’s home phone# memorized. Took me forever to memorize my OWN home phone number. We have become so dependent on the contact lists and calendars in our phones and email to remind us of these things. Although, I have to toot my own horn at times because my memory when it comes to dates is pretty stellar (i.e. I wrote down about 10-15 important dates for my mom-in-law for the next 2 months from memory… scary, but true).

My blackberry had to be replaced at work and I was without it for 2 days. This being my only cell phone made things very difficult for me. I was going through withdrawal. These stupid things are like a drug! I couldn’t check my email instantly, no one could reach me right away, and I had to go to my hand written address book to look up my own family’s phone numbers.  Those 2 days were some of the worst days of my entire life. *Sigh*

Let’s take it one step further… who remembers directions from point A to point B anymore?? Everyone has a GPS!! Who needs directions when you’ve got a British woman telling you where to go in her most sensual voice?

I can’t imagine what my kids are going to be like when it comes to stuff like this. Maybe they’ll come out with an implantable chip that will connect to all your electronic devices with all this pertinent info…. I just gave myself the chills with the thought of that!!


11 thoughts on “Technology Dependent?

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Tip: Mine is next Tuesday (:3=

    I enjoyed this post, although I’m not nearly as dependent on cell phones, blackberries, and GPS as my brethen.

    My cell phone sits in my purse, for emergencies.

    I don’t own a blackberry or a GPS or an iPod or a DVR or a laptop or . . .

    Well, you get the idea.

    But I’m still addicted to the internet and when it went down last night for 10 minutes . . . I felt lost and alone and cut off from the informational superhighway.

    1. Thank you! God I hope you never catch the handheld devices bug. I don’t feel energized to do a proper run on the treadmill if I’m not plugged into my iPOD. ha!

  2. Ha! Great post! Don’t forget calculators.When was the last people actually “added something in their heads”. I had to do that the other day and I frickin vapor-locked! It was embarassing as heck. I stood there helplessly looking at my 7 year old to save me from my math-deficient-can’t-make-change-without-a-calc-hell. It was a bad scene. 🙂

    1. You’re so right! My calculus classes in college only taught me how to plug in formulas on my calculator.. my Dad was so upset that I couldn’t do the math in my head!

  3. happy birthday!
    what you say in your post is so true. we are so dependent on technology. granted it does make certain aspects of our lives easier, but it also makes us so dependent to the point that i think we forget how to do some of the most basic things that technology does for us. who knows what will happen if one day in an emergency situation if our technology just stopped working?

    1. Thank you for the bday wish! Honestly, if all of our technology stopped working, people would go into panic mode. Total and utter chaos. I totally agree that technology is our friend and enemy all at the same time.

  4. I guess I am not the only one. Thanks to all those who are my kind. I have no cell phone, blue tooth, black or blue berry what ever it is. I won an ipod in 2007 that I took out of the wraping last year to listen the podcasts for my meditation work. No DVD, no car, no facebook, no my space, orkut or what ever no fuss no muss.

    I remember pretty much everybody’s B’day through my planner. But none remembers mine. It is ok with me. I write long personal emails, snail mail is expensive. I call people quarterly. This year my parents spoke to me and next day they realized they forgot to wish me. So my reward was my they taught my 1.5 yr old niece to sing Happy B’day to You and she sang it for 6 months.

    @Nrhatch you beat me. But I need to have a laptop as I have no PC. I guess I pretty much control my life than the things controlling my life.


    Desi Girl

      1. Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a good day.

        Oh, I am no angle, I am hopelessly addicted to google and reading, just 12-14 hours on net reading. Not a very good thing 🙂


        Desi Girl

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