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NBA Free Agent overload

I used to be a much bigger basketball fan about 15 years ago than I am now. Back then, I was a die hard Rockets fan. My dad and I watched every game on TV with a bowl of popcorn. For my 13th birthday, all I got from my friends and family were Rockets championship tshirts, posters, bobbleheads, etc. (Tomboy much?? umm yeah..)

I’m a newly converted Knicks fan by association (my husband), however, and I have gone to several games. At the end of the day, I absolutely love live sports – regardless of what it is – hockey, baseball (which I normally despise watching on TV), football (love love love), and basketball.

My husband and I have a nice deal going though when it comes to the Knicks. During basketball season, we watch almost all the games if they come on TV. And in return, he puts up with my girly shows 🙂 i.e. America’s Top Model, Gossip Girl, etc. Like I said, its a nice (and fair) deal.

I thought that the summertime would be a nice break from the Knicks, but because of this free agent madness going on with Lebron, Wade, Lee, Bosh, etc… since July 1st, we’ve got 1050 ESPN on the radio in the car constantly, Sportscenter when we go to sleep, switching between normal TV and any channel that’s talking about Lebron. I’ve never seen or heard a city so edgy about this whole Lebron to NY thing…

I mean, they’ve gone as far as photoshopping him into a Knicks uniform.. which I find quite hilarious.

Knicks dream come true??

So now as a (new) Knicks fan, I have a vested interested in the whole outcome of the free agent… thing. I don’t even know what to call it. Ha. But I’m sooo tired of hearing about it all weekend. Lebron, stop stringing everyone along and just make a damn decision. Anything. Just so people can get their lives back to normal. You’ve screwed with the entire country. Yesterday on 1050 ESPN radio, all the callers were basically saying the same thing. This guy has people going in circles!

Just ready to see what big things happen next for the NBA. And then move on with my life. Well more like my husband moving on with his life 🙂 I’m just fine.


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