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Stabs at my culture

Time Magazine Article: “My Own Private India”,9171,1999416,00.html

Can someone seriously tell me why this was allowed to be published? I understand that this guy is seriously perturbed about the fact that his home town has been changed dramatically, but is there a need to throw in stereotypes and judgmental stabs at the entire population?

Were people always this close-minded? I don’t get it.

7/1 Edit:

After talking about this article with a few friends last night, someone brought up a good point… if this article had been about another race or culture that’s been more in the “limelight” of being discriminated against, there would be a larger issue at hand. However, since Indians in general are non-confrontational people, we won’t do shit about this. We’ll poke fun at ourselves because it’s half true, and sometimes we ourselves complain about the tendencies Indians have, and that’s the way it is.


5 thoughts on “Stabs at my culture

  1. this guy needs to realize that Italians changed the Edison environment too in the 80s…they migrated from somewhere as well, so who is he to say sh** about indians. Indians chose to be non-confrontational cause Hinduism teaches us about ‘karma’. Its in our nature to let go and continue to do our business, make money, keep families happy, live good life!
    i did laugh about some of his points but to say merchants are not smart, thats not true. they are the smartest to own all the dunkin donuts, 7-11s, etc. stuff that italians & americans can’t live without 🙂

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