As I was browsing through WordPress’s Freshly Pressed list a few days ago, I came across a blog of someone who had researched a LOT and shared some great information about India’s caste system. Yes, I think it’s a problem and no, I don’t agree with everything that’s laid out in our caste system. Her previous post was about Hinduism in general, and again, I think she did some fantastic research and laid out a really good guide to anyone who doesn’t know squat about the religion. But she mentions the caste system in that post as well and pretty much thinks that all Hindus need to be saved from our sense of being lost and confused.

Our religion dates back to 5000 BC!! Yes there were definitely some prehistoric ways of going about things, but millions and millions of people have evolved from that and unfortunately, some have not. I think you could say that about any religion though. There are some major devout Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc folks out there, but there are also your evolved and more “contemporary” (for a lack of a better word) people following those religions as well. That doesn’t make them WRONG, or LOST, or CONFUSED. That merely means that they’ve taken the aspects of their religion that they strongly believe in and that’s what they want to pass on to their children, and their children’s children, and so on.

My husband and I still go to the Temple, we still follow a lot of the religious customs, we had a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony – because that’s what WE want, not because it’s forced upon us. People are capable of making their own decisions, and there will be those who refuse to change their mindset about the way things have always been done. I had friends in college who had to break off long relationships because they weren’t able to get a set of parents to budge on the caste thing, or on the religion thing. Hell, my own sister went through it. She wanted to marry a Muslim guy when she was in college, and my parents said no, and his parents said no to marrying her. At the end of the day, they chose to be apart rather than defy their parents. I mean respect and culture and religion goes a LONG way in any family and some generations will fight it, and some won’t. But for this girl who blogged about Hinduism and the Caste system to assume that because it’s not HER way of doing things, and HER mentality, or even HER religion – we’re all of a sudden wrong and need to be saved.

Please spare me the BS. I know who I am, I know what I believe, and I don’t need anyone else telling me otherwise. I love talking about religion with people who aren’t trying to convert me. I learn a lot from other points of view, and from other religions. But isn’t that what’s supposed to be so great about living in a melting pot in this and many other parts of the world? You feed off of each other, you learn from each other, and you grow from what you take in.

Ok. Stepping off my soap box now.