What is a “Douchebag”

Urban Dictionary defines a “douchebag” as the following:

Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. Not to be confuzed with douche.

(Is it because it’s the “urban” dictionary that they were forced to spell confused with a z? I don’t understand…)

I felt the need to search this today because I came across a fellow employee who was portraying the traits of a douchebag. I sent the definition to another employee who shared the same sentiments as me and she wrote me back that she was expecting to see the picture of our fellow douchebag on the website. Now THAT would have made my day!

Honestly though, why do people insist on being such jerks around the workplace. What makes YOU better than me or the person next to me? Why is the chip on your shoulder weighing you down? Or your nose so up in the air that I’m seeing way too much of your nose hairs than I really need to. It annoys the CRAP out of me when people are so full of themselves at work. Just come here, do your damn job, and go home. Stop making it personal. You see it in meetings all the time, but the worst is with one-on-one conversations. The tone of his/her voice, the know-it-all persona, and the look of impatience as if YOU are wasting his/her time. You want to just smack the person across the face to bring him/her back to reality, if only that was acceptable in the workplace (think how good that would feel).

What’s scary that people like my fellow Douchebag causes more issues than one would think. Look at how much people are in need of assistance in dealing with “anger in the workplace”… this is just crazy!

What has the world come to? Douchebags lead to anger in the workplace… which leads to stress… which leads to thousands of dollars pushed into the massage industry. I had my physical therapist work on my neck and back yesterday and she told me I’m way too young to have this much tension built up in my body.

Oh yeah? Come meet the douchebag I work with everyday.


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