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Roooooad Trip!

Tonight I watched one of the classic turn of the century movies, Road Trip. 4 friends travel halfway across the country to prevent a girlfriend from seeing a potentially harmful video of one of the guys being seduced by another girl. Some funny one liners plus college humor. Good times.

Ironically, I visited my alma mater just a week ago, relived some memories, walked around campus visiting our favorite spots, and dropped in to our favorite coffee shop, sushi spot, and bars. Besides the fact that we felt old when we saw this, it was serious fun:

Talk about reality check about your age...

I took a number of classic road trips during my 4 years of college bliss. My ’93 2dr Nissan Sentra really took a beating being the designated roadtripmobile. All worth it though. The games, the songs, the gossiping, the pictures, and of course, the memories. All worth it.

I lost count how many times we went to Austin for the night… San Marcos to go tubing down the Guadalupe River… Dallas to visit some friends… Lubbock freakin 16 hour drive – TWICE. That one was fun – counting cows and trees on the way. No seriously, we really tried. Not for long, but we tried. 🙂

I don’t take as many road trips now of course… biggest difference is the fact that driving 2 hours from where I live in Jersey will get me across 2 states. Driving 2 hours in Texas will get you nowhere. Well, maybe from one side of Houston to the other. Maybe.

You mentally psych yourself up before a road trip. I don’t know what it is. I mean you’re about to get in your car, sit there and drive for God knows how many hours. You’re about to encounter some seriously horrible drivers who should have their licenses revoked. Stop at some horrible rest stops with horrible fast food, unless you scope out some local must eats before you head out of course. Yet it’s the highlight of your week/month/year. You stack up magazines to flip through (unless you’re the driver).  You buy the best junk food you can find. I mean the best. There is nothing holding you back when you prep for this trip. No calorie counting. No low carb shit. Road trips have never heard of diets. Never will.

So cheers to my girls, for all the great road trips. And here’s to many more.


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