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“I am not a glutton – I am an explorer of food”

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to get a better control of what I eat on a daily basis. I tend to snack a lot throughout the day, which is generally something you’re supposed to be doing anyway, except for the fact that it’s generally snacking on chocolate stolen from people’s candy jars. Not to mention the box of pepper jack Cheez-Its on my desk that’s at an arm length away at any time of the day. Sigh.

Also my lunch is not always the healthiest option… I could (and should) do better. I’m not a huge fan of salads unless they are super flavorful, and even then, I don’t like a lot of stuff in it. I could do without the cranberries and orange slices and nuts and all the extra toppings that just stray away from a classic salad. But then for lunch, a classic salad is just too bland. I’m a hard person to please when it comes to salads. I tend to be drawn into pastas and sandwiches that probably have a ton of gunk in them that can’t be good for me. I’m totally aware of that, but putting it back is a different story (for a different post). I could take myself to a local restaurant to eat something freshly made, but that takes too much effort at lunchtime.

Dinner is my best place of eating [somewhat] healthy because of my husband’s help at home. Even that can go astray from time to time, and he know he’s guilty of it too 🙂 Indian food is always a good healthy option because I know what I’m putting into it, but pair with a giant bowl of rice and you screw it all up.

So I did it. I started a daily calorie counter. Now I have to just remember to maintain it on a daily basis! Another thing on my overgrowing daily to-do list.

My daily reminder to watch what I eat

It’s funny when you sign up for stuff like this because they ask you what type of newsletters you’d be interested in and you think to yourself… “what are ALL the things that I should probably be working towards besides eating healthy, which is difficult enough, but let’s tack on a few more unreachable goals with daily newsletters and reminders that will be deleted while they remain unread. Awesome.”

So I’m on Day 1. I added the cereal that I’ve been munching on and the Starbucks decaf Americano that I needed on my way into work.

But now it’s lunch time. And I know this daily calorie counter is going to hover over my head.

What to eat....?

Let’s just hope that I can keep up with this enough to get to my target. Then on to the next self improvement project.


6 thoughts on ““I am not a glutton – I am an explorer of food”

    1. haha thanks Joan! Peanut butter comes from my “western” side of growing up in the US, while the chutney comes from my Indian roots 😉 best of both worlds! (although I’m preetttyy sure it doesn’t taste so good when put together!)

  1. Hope that is OK? I loved the title and wanted something to twitter about *grin* I sent a msg but can’t see it on here now for some reason known only to my computer 😉

    So indian roots mean you might be able to help me! I need to know how to make good roti (or some sort of flat?) bread without yeast – can it be done??

    1. Yes definitely (to the tweet and the roti)! I use wheat flour and mix with water to make the dough – no additional yeast needed. Cover the dough with a towel for a few minutes so it can rise. Tear off small portions to roll your roti. Hope that helps!

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