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“I’m gay and you’re not funny”

Since 10pm ET last night until my ride into work this morning, the entire country has been buzzing about the American Idol finale and who won, and who performed, who made a fool of themselves, etc etc etc… I am FAR from being an Idol fanatic – I don’t care about it, don’t watch it.

That being said, the one thing that I found the most hilarious was the bit by Dane Cook and Ian Benardo. You may be wondering… who the heck is Ian Benardo?? Funny thing is, I had no idea who he was until this morning myself! And what’s even funnier is that he’s going to get his 15 minutes of fame and he’ll have a show on MTV in no time.

During some weird song number by Dane Cook dedicate to Simon Cowell, it looks like some of the Idol rejects were brought out on stage to participate and Ian took the mic and had his “Kanye” moment:

The NYC radio station 95.5 PLJ caught up with Ian last night after the show to find out what caused him to do that and if any of it was rehearsed. He said he was told to go up there and clap his hands like an idiot and he wasn’t about to do it. He continued on to say that Dane was so not funny and he was getting so annoyed by his song that he just grabbed the mic and went at it. What they cut out of the clip that they showed on the air was that he also said “Paula you look so great, I’m glad you’ve sobered up!”  He was, but of course, escorted off the stage as the show went into an extra long commercial. The radio station asked him if Dane said anything to him after the show and he said yes he went off on him and cursed him out. All Ian said back to him was “I’m gay, and you’re not funny.”

Pure entertainment.


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