Procrastination here I come…

Google has had some awesome homepage images in its time.. but this has GOT to be the best by far…

To celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, Google had a brilliant idea to find a way to distract people at work all over the world..

By initially looking at it, it just looks like a picture of the game… but NO! You can play the game!! Select “insert coin” or wait a few seconds and the classic PacMan music starts up and you can bloody play the game! Over and over and over again…

Clearly no one is going to get anything done today. Note to self: turn the volume on my computer down! 😉

Some of my favorite Google homepage images in the past:

DC Comics

Earth Day

Dr. Seuss's Birthday


6 Responses

  1. This made my day! I saw it earlier today but I didn’t know that you could actually PLAY it! Thanks so much for the inside information!

  2. No problem Jon! Glad you were able to enjoy it 🙂

  3. My dad was having a blast with it… And you know what? He really sucks at pacman.

  4. Good image choices, they’re up there as my favourites.

    I played for hours. 😛 Maybe a little too much. Did you read the news that the game might have cost the US over $120 million in lost time? Not too shabby for a game that’s 30 years old.

    • Cassie, thanks for stopping by! I totally believe the stat you found… I had a feeling it would happen, its way too addicting! Not too shabby at all 🙂

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