The line has been drawn... literally!

Someone [impatient] just had to do it… separating New Yorkers and tourists on a NYC sidewalk really does draw the line.

1. Helloooo, this is New York CITY we’re talking about! If we love the city and rant & rave about it to everyone who doesn’t live here, why would we try to separate locals from outsiders?

2. The Big Apple had 45.6 MILLION visitors in 2009 (courtesy of That’s just crazy! And these visitors are key to boosting our economy. Imagine all 45 million people in their I heart NYC shirts… ahh what a sight that would be 🙂

I have to admit… I’m totally guilty of giving a big audible SIGH when I have to walk around tourists in the city, but this is really crossing the line (pun intended). I just know what areas to totally avoid on the weekends – i.e. Times Square, Empire State Bldg, etc… otherwise I’d better have my steel toe shoes on to a) kick people aside and b) prepare for the toe stomping from thousands of people in the confined spaces.

I wonder if the coward who borrowed his/her kid’s sidewalk chalk will speak up. I’d be curious to hear the reasoning behind it!