My bollywood followers know it best… if there’s a great (or hyped up to be great) American movie out, there’s a desi version of it lurking somewhere in the shadows. I came across this article today and had to share it:

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If Sex and the City goes desi

The article goes into detail comparing which Bollywood megastar would match up with the leading ladies in SATC. Bipasha as Miranda is just wrong on so many levels… she is totally a Samantha. Preity as Carrie?? That’s the only fashionista you could think of? What about our ‘desi girl’ Priyanka?

Here are some samples of Bollywood movies that sounded a lot like some American movies you may have heard of:

Bride and Prejudice was an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice
Koi…Mil Gaya
came from E.T. and Forrest Gump
Chocolate looked a lot like The Usual Suspects
Mr Ya Miss
came from Hot Chic

Need I go on? If you’re really intrigued, see the full list of Bollywood Inspirations.